Choose Your Own Adventure® was a series of “game books” in the 1980s. Each book had 20-40 different endings that you “chose” by flipping back and forth during decisive plot moments. You are being attacked. There is a fork in the road. Et cetera. What do you want to do?

Read anything. You have to make ambiguous, line-by-line decisions about what you just read and how to make that relevant for you. Thinking about that can be elegant, or academic, dense. You always have to choose your own adventure.

Magnetism Studios recently released a Choose Your Own Adventure® app. There was a fair amount of mapping that must have went into making it. You really have to do this for an app. That’s interaction design.

Bookmakers, is it useful to think occasionally about readers this way?
Can you, and do you want to, build more or less obvious “choices” into a print book, too?
Is it a gimmick, or a sign of something more subtle, more thoughtful, and, for your app-aware customer, more useful?


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