Invisible Books

The idea of the book as a mysterious place to inhabit has constant allure: to be led into Invisible Cities, to be led into the Library of Babel. Getting lost.

So is the opposite idea: of the invisible book, the book that becomes secondary to life.
The closer you get to the end, the more it ceases to exist. Getting found.

Some kind of shared book, passed on with such enthusiasm to so many different people, each of them learning it so intimately, that, in fading away, the book becomes their language, their body, their being.

Perhaps getting lost and getting found are both the same thing.


One thought on “Invisible Books

  1. Pamela Horn

    Definitely on to something here. Number 1 takeaway from BISG NEXT: content creator to consumer is a 2 way street, no longer one way.

    I remember reading Eco’s The Name of the Rose. The reader must bring content to the reading, to the text. The journey for the reader becomes this remarkable rich road. It is another way for the reader to “write” her/his own story.

    When the reader physically shares the task of “penning” part of the story there is a different partnership. A key question becomes which authors are capable of giving up control and sharing ownership of the content? Is the content then shared or does each “author” own a portion.

    I like to think that the multiple iterations that will evolve from the seeds of groundwork laid bare by the provider, and will reap numerous editions. It would be interesting to be able to capture the many stories and read them in concert with one another.

    We can hope that a site can exist where this is a jumping off point as well as an archive. Whether the story be in print or digital it can be accessed from this site.


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