Large Scale Integration

It had to be done. Something of a personal totem, this sculpture just hangs around here. Not an aesthetic appendage, ghost, or friend, wanted or unwanted, and far beyond “liking” or “disliking”. As with the outrageous friendliness and cosmic acceptance of Wallace Stevens’ Negation, here you’ll just find the thing itself, a pig being welcomed by cherubs and a tracksuited boy.

Jeff Koons, Ushering in Banality, 1988

I am sure you can read the quotes and essays about it somewhere else, and reflect on its brief stay in Versailles.

As if the blog itself was written on the underside of the bow, or on a note, nestled in between wing feathers. Repellent and adorable, it contains happiness, forward-lookingness, and teamwork, and resolves entanglements: soul, commerce, whatever you thought were opposites, but weren’t. Oh, hi.


One thought on “Large Scale Integration

  1. Pamela Horn

    Like Murakami ( Not opposites. Juxtaposition is too trite. The pig, Koons, have more of a tourist quality. Again, no right, wrong, but certainly something that greets. And, oh hi, the entry, my trajectory, and wanting to give back, have all been done with a smile across my face. Another point to the exercise.


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