Little Premonitions

A waking dream, fantasia: shopping as a kind of hunting, with bookstore as forest. Thousands of trees. Behind which one is the big game animal you were hoping to bring down? Small game? Or did you want it to hunt you down?

Thousands of book jackets, fetishized as yet another indispensible ad that needs “designing,” lavished with time, holograms, and expensive shiny regions. Frozen marquees for the next read, stuck with immovable type that holds a promise often more interesting than the book itself…and worthy of their own books about themselves…

For the hunter/browser, all it can take is a glimpse of recognition. The book jacket hunts you down with a little premonition. Here is the arrow that will smite me next.

One conspicuous group of hunters/hunted: millenial data sharks, expert researchers, info architects, savvy students, code surfers. How well you have tuned your overabundance radar to find the next right thing so quickly.

A digital forest, perhaps, where there is nothing quite like the book jacket. A different idea about what the book is, what hunting is, where the harbingers are.


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