What Does Digital Feel Like?

“Digital” is an exciting, rampant adjective. Let’s face it, it gives things a sheen of futurism, surrounds them with whiffs of dinosaur repellent.

Can you feel it? What are some examples of describing media experiences in terms of the body: feelings, states of mind, states of consciousness?

Digital technologies are successful tools in contemporary design. Their ascent, however, is a continuation of well-tried and reliable analog processes. No matter whether paper or digital approach — the designer organizes elements by hand.

(abstract for writtenimages.net)

When I look at the paintings of Christopher Wool, I know that they have been manipulated in Photoshop. But again, they conjure emotions and perspectives that are more bodily. Take for example some new Untitled works from 2011.

Mark Godfrey, in “Stain Resistance”, Artforum, Summer 2011, writing about new works by Christopher Wool gets at how the paintings are about having a body in the city, about coming to terms with what images are, and how they look different now.

Each central blotch is an outsize monument to the material residue of the density of urban life as well as witness to a morcellated subjectivity assailed by the technologies that cut it down the middle or split it apart.

Other discussions of “digital” where a kind of “humanness” is re-realized?


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