The Understated Ebook Cover

The bookshelf for an ebook is a screen: a smaller world where design elements, images, and small type are lost. Here are some striking, text-only covers, as well as one wild card, with only an image and a logo. Click-through for the book in its marketplace.

Lemon-lime, with a dash of blue agave.

Seen, Written by Klaus Kertess (Gregory R. Miller & Co.)

n+1’s Kindle Singles look. This one intimates some kind of scrolling canvas.

Argentinidad by Benjamin Kunkel (n+1 singles)

The series look for all 5 “Hybrid” books titled “The Duel,” from Melville House.

The Duel, Giacomo Casanova (Melville House "Hybrid" Books)

The series look chosen by Hatje Cantz for their list of Documenta Notebooks, showing only the author’s name and a title-specific color.

Reading, Rewriting Poe's "The Oval Portrait" - Angelically, by Jalal Toufic (Hatje Cantz)

The Domino Project series look, with one exception, consists only of an image and a logo.

Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness (Domino Project)


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