Design Your Own Cover!

Penguin. "Books by the Greats, Covers by You."

Penguin. “Books by the Greats, Covers by You.”

What’s happening here conceptually?
Something happened that threatened the cover.
Something bleached or nuked the cover.
The blind spot of the marketplace is consuming the objects of the marketplace.
The book needs you, reader.
Reader, they know you are a “maker.”
They know you don’t trust the cover anymore.
They know you cannot be fooled by embossed glazes, or the husky tooth of paper without coating.
They know that the reader is writing the book, too.
A blank cover is an existential margin around the book to represent this.
The publisher’s business card is this whitespace.
There is no more ink left.
The blank cover is a space for something that hasn’t happened yet.
The book is unfinished.
The book is unbounded by the cover.
It is an open parenthesis.
Like broken type, there is a mechanical gap in the book now, some process failure.
The blank cover is the reader’s halo.
The author doesn’t mind.


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