Tribal Leadership

Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer
Mr. Bones, through Paul Theroux
Nina Planck
William Beaumont
V.S. Naipaul in Wiltshire
John Walker (athlete)
Robert Ryman
Tom Tykwer
Nadine Gordimer
David Stern
Charles Mingus
“We Are Family,” L’Uomo Vogue, April 2000, by Mario Testino
Agnes Martin
Aldo Conterno
Philippe Starck
Millicent Weems
Jorge Luis Borges
Rudolf Steiner
Dr. Howard Lay
Igor Stravinsky
Morton Feldman
Daniel Goleman
The Colossus of Rhodes
Wallace Stevens
John Donne
Hubie Brown
Breece D’J Pancake


4 thoughts on “Tribal Leadership

  1. Pamela Horn


    Greek Goddess of Earth. Her strength: she is a primal mother goddess, complete in herself. Both Hesiod and Ovid’s versions of Classical creation begin with Gaia’s emergence from chaos.
    Gaia is believed to have created order out of chaos.

    “First in my prayer, before all other deities,
    I call upon Gaia, Primeval Prophetess . . .
    The Greek great earth mother.”

  2. mvagnetti Post author

    Focus on fundamentals, especially defensive basketball (e.g., “Detroit” basketball).
    Plus the underrated aspect of “coaching” generally, whether in athletics or otherwise.
    Plus the video I linked to.


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